Dear Potential Sponsor,

Welcome to the Budd Bay Rugby Football Club (BBRFC) family! We appreciate your support and interest in sponsorship.

BBRFC is a non-profit youth sports organization with the mission and vision to promote, encourage and facilitate access to rugby to young members of our community for all youth grade levels. While many of our players come from the Lacey, Olympia, Thurston County areas, players from any and all school districts are accepted allowing players to bond with a diverse group of teammates.

Growing Popularity:

Rugby is an international sport and the fastest growing sport in the US. Rugby is a unique sport that accommodates players of different abilities and body types.  Male, female, tall, short, slight of build, heavily muscled they all have a place on our rugby teams. Since its inception in 1998, our club has sponsored players with financial needs as well as travel to matches, tournaments and playoffs. Several BBRFC players have or are participating in the USA National Team, Major League Rugby, and International Rugby programs.

Community Impact and Successes:

The BBRFC impacts the community by providing its players the opportunity to interact with a very diverse group of teammates and competitors.  It fosters a love of the game and deep sense of camaraderie which lasts well into adult hood.  The Club teaches good sportsmanship and emphasizes the highest level of conduct in the players who represent it. Many of our players have gone on to play at the Washington Select and USA National levels, and a many of our former players have been, or are currently active on college teams around the country.

What your sponsorship means:

BBRFC Club works hard to keep registration costs at the lowest level possible. Due to increased field costs and additional fees associated with registration, referees etc., we are unable to fund scholarships at the same level.  One way we do this is through fundraising and corporate sponsorship!  Your help regarding this mission would be greatly appreciated, and the Budd Bay Rugby Football Club Board of Directors, Coaches, and players thank you for your time and consideration.

BBRFC Sponsorship Level:

Please review the sponsorship options below.

Tier 1: $500+ (annual cost)

  • Sponsor’s name and logo displayed in advertising/promotions for matches, social media, including posters, flyers, and home game advertisement*
  • Sponsor description on our website throughout the duration of your partnership with us, together with a link to your website.
  • Advertisement at all recruiting events BBRFC attend to include our annual Spring tournament.

Tier 2: $1500+ (annual cost)

  • Everything offered by Tier 1 plus:
  • Sponsor’s name and logo on all club off-field kit to include fan wear**. Players wear this kit to matches and tournament across Pacific Northwest as well apparel marketed our alum located across the United States.
  • Sponsor’s name or logo on club rugby ball***

Tier 3 $3500+ (annual cost)

  • Everything offered by Tier 2 plus:
  • Sponsor’s name and logo on official match Jersey or Shorts worn by one of our teams****

Thank you for considering our Sponsorship Proposal. We very much look forward to hearing from you and developing a fruitful partnership beneficial for both parties involved. If you have any questions or wish to receive any further information, please feel free to contact Jake Lindley our Vice President at vp@buddbayrugby.com.

*Field Banner updates happen at the beginning of the Fall and Spring seasons
**Off-field kit updates happen at the beginning of the Fall and Spring seasons
***Only one rugby ball allowed per-season or as supply, demand 6-8 weeks to order
****Team kit production time is 6-8 weeks plus design time